The Issues

Let’s cut taxes including income, vehicle and business taxes

If inflation wasn’t bad enough, Virginia overtaxes and has billions of dollars in surplus while families struggle to make ends meet.  Government needs to go on a diet and lower takes for working families and stop making tough economic times harder.

Let’s “Back the Blue” and our first responders

Mike Karslake backs the blue and knows that a safe city doesn’t happen without strong neighborhoods and police working together.  He supports the best pay and equipment for our police and thinks elected leaders should support and not attack our police.  Our public safety professionals are our local heroes.

Let’s work to protect our 2nd Amendment rights

Mike Karslake understands that criminals ignore strict gun laws and it’s the law abiding citizens that are at risk.  Mike will protect your freedoms to defend your family and impose the strict punishments on criminals, not law abiding citizens.

Lower Cost of Living for Families

The family budget has been more than squeezed.  It’s been crushed.  Costs from housing to food to gas have made making ends meet out of reach for many.  Government policies are making everything more expensive, and Mike will support free market capitalism over huge increases in government spending to get back to an economy that grows without inflation.

Give respect for our teachers and discipline in our classrooms

Mike knows that teachers can only effectively teach if they have a peaceful classroom environment.  Teachers deserve the respect of their students and discipline must be upheld.  Mike supports discipline in schools and addressing problems swiftly with the support of the school administration.  Academic achievement should be priority one.

Give honor and respect our veterans, their families and our fallen

Veterans are our national heroes and nowhere else is that true like it is in Virginia Beach.  Mike wants more veterans to call Virginia Beach home, and we do that by keeping taxes low and having a community where vets can start small businesses, be involved in a vibrant community and enjoy a safe quality of life.

Preserve our religious freedoms and Judeo-Christian values

Our first amendment is the bedrock of our country, and religious liberty has been forced out of much of our public square.  Mike knows that a free society without these core values descends into chaos and favors a return to a healthy respect of the role religion plays in American life, from which we shouldn’t turn away.

Get involved

Join me in creating a better community for all!

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